The Artist


After growing up in the small beach town of Ocean City, New Jersey, Allie began a new chapter of her life when she moved to San Diego, CA.  The beach has not only always been apart of her life, but it is her life.  

From this journey of living in a new environment, it has taught her love, appreciation, and humility.  For Allie, happiness and joy isn't obtained by what she has, but rather what she does.  

The simplicity of sitting on the beach, surrounded by Water and Air, is poetic and has deep meaning for Allie. Everything you need to enjoy yourself is provided by Mother Earth herself.  The beach offers Allie a time alone, letting her mind run wild, filtering through thoughts, emotions, and ideas.  For her, this time is where understanding, creation and self-discovery is born.  

From this special time, Jala Vayu was born.