About the Product


About the Product

Jala Vayu Jewelry offers a selection of handmade items that specialize in unique, bold statement pieces.  Our main focuses include the art of Macrame, the benefits of healing crystals and the luxury of genuine leather and suede.  Quality is very important to us.  We use 14k gold and sterling silver to create the base of the earrings, as well as, for earring hoops to avoid sensitivity of the ears.

Crystal Benefits 

The power that crystals and minerals possess have been long recognized since the dawning of civilization. These natural materials come directly from the Earth itself and each contain particular energies to help improve and equalize imbalances in both our body and mind. Just as an instrument becomes out of tune overtime, so can our body, mind and spirit.   Crystal healing is a way to tune different aspects of ourselves, helping us become more balanced, neutral and connected to divinity.

Incorporating crystals in our earring designs is especially unique because of the position that they lay in respect to our bodies. In traditional crystal work such as reiki and sound healing, crystals are placed on different parts of the body to purify and cleanse that region of the physical body or spirit. When wearing Jala Vayu earrings, you are placed directly in between the crystals- completely immersing yourself in their healing vibrations.

Caring for your Jalas

Each piece of jewelry is made by hand, and most importantly, made with  l o v e.

We use authentic leather and suede, natural macrame hemp, raw crystals, as well as 14k Gold and Sterling Silver wires to create each individual item. It is important to avoid contact with water (especially salt water), sweat and oils. Failure to do so can lead to fraying macrame, dried/coarse leather and suede or turning of some metals. These pieces are delicate and should be handled with love and care.

Keeping your Earrings Looking Good as New

Because of the unique length and soft materials, it is common for your earrings to get krimpy or wavey, just as hair does. By using a hair straightener, simply press and iron out the fibers until desired look. We recommend pressing the macrame with a higher heat at apromixately 450 degrees. Leather and suede can burn, so lowering the heat to about 350-375 degrees will ensure the safety of your product. Use a continuous motion when ironing leather and suede to avoid burning.