Fear No Evil
Fear No Evil

Fear No Evil

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With the color Black often representing Evil or unrighteousness, these earrings were created to challenge this common implication. They feature a Black Tourmaline stone, a stone that protects, purifies and repels negative energies.  Created using buttery-smooth leather and rich suede, The Fear No Evils, without a doubt, feel just as good as they look.

Black Tourmaline:

Dating back to ancient times, magicians and witches used this stone to protect themselves from Earth’s demons and negative, destructive forces while doing spell work. Still to this day we utilize Black Tourmaline for similar reasons. Its protective qualities offer a direct connection between the Earth and the human spirit due to its electrical charge in nature, making it an extremely grounding stone. This stone brings about a sense of power and self-confidence by purifying one’s personal conflicts and negative thinking, and transforming it into positive energy.

  • 14k gold earring posts
  • 14k gold wire
  • Deerskin Leather
  • Authentic suede
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Approximately 13.5 inches in length

*Size, shape and color intensity of crystals may vary upon each order*